Physical Education

At East Morton CE Primary, we believe that our high-quality Physical Education curriculum provides learners with every opportunity to achieve, succeed and excel in competitive sport and physically demanding activities. Our PE curriculum, which is closely aligned to the National Curriculum, allows learners to undertake a carefully sequenced learning journey, which weaves together knowledge, skills and understanding and enables them to become confident and competent in ways which support their physical health and fitness, as well as their positive mental health and well-being.

PE plays an important part in the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum at East Morton CE Primary, and this is complemented by the varied additional opportunities we provide (in collaboration with our many partners) for learners to compete in sporting and physical activities which are tailored to their interests and emerging strengths. Our approach to PE and events ensures that learners are consistently given opportunities to develop their personal strengths and qualities, to build character and to make links and put into action the school’s core value of ‘love’, through key themes integral to sport and competition such as fairness and respect. Our inclusive approach provides many opportunities for learners to develop their communication, collaboration and leadership skills.

For full details of how PE is taught at East Morton CE Primary, please read our Curriculum Learning Guide:

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