School Uniform

Children should come to school each day in standard uniform. PE kit should be kept at school in a named PE bag and will be sent home at the end of each half term for washing.

Standard Uniform

  • Black knee length skirt, pinafore dress, trousers, culottes or shorts
  • White Polo shirt*
  • Red summer dresses when appropriate
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan*
  • Flat black outdoor shoes (no trainers please) to be worn when not doing PE. If branded, the logo will be discreet.
  • White or grey socks. Tights to be black or red.
  • Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up or held back by a red, black or neutral colour band.

*For the purpose of school visits and photographs, children will need one polo shirt and one red sweatshirt/cardigan with the school logo.


  • Red fleeces or coats

PE Kit

  • White t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black tracksuit top (without hood for health & safety reasons)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Sports trainers (not fashion trainers)
  • Black slip-on pumps for indoor PE.



  • Reception class children will require a pair of named Wellington boots.

Watches and jewellery

  • On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. 
  • Pupils are allowed to wear a watch
  • One earring per lobe – small plain sleeper or stud only may be worn
  • Pupils are not permitted to wear necklaces (other than for faith reasons) and bracelets/bands or any kind.

Please Note: No responsibility can be taken for valuable items worn in school.


  • A drawstring PE bag to store indoor and outdoor PE footwear and clothing in.
  • An East Morton book bag, or rucksack.


School uniform with logos can be ordered on-line from Uniform orders needs to be placed before the end of each half term and will then be delivered to school free of charge at the beginning of the new term to be distributed by School (when ordering on-line, state in the ‘special requirements’ box that you would like the item delivering to school and the postage will be deducted from the total). If you would like your order delivering directly to you, postage will be charged.

You can also purchase East Morton’s school uniform directly from other outlets including Andrew Firth in Keighley.

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