At East Morton CE Primary, we believe that English is the heart of the curriculum: it is the key which allows our learners to access other areas of the curriculum, and helps them to unlock their full learning potential. Our creative and highly engaging English curriculum inspires and supports learners to develop their reading, writing and listening skills; thereby enabling them to become interested, effective and active lifelong learners. Our carefully tailored learning sequences develop learners’ ability to speak and write fluently, allowing them to communicate their ideas and emotions effectively and confidently to others. Reading is integral to all learning in English, and our use of carefully selected high-quality texts, ensures that learners are able to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Reading also supports our learners in acquiring new knowledge and vocabulary, as well as building on what they already know. Reading is promoted and encouraged and we nurture our leaners’ love of literature, leading to widespread reading for enjoyment across school. Learners are immersed in vocabulary-rich learning environments which support language development, and help to expand their vocabulary. These different aspects of our English curriculum collectively support our learners in being able to communicate and write clearly, accurately, coherently and with ambition. The development of speaking skills is integral to learning at East Morton CE Primary and learners are supported in using discussion as a tool for learning across the curriculum. Our challenging and inspiring English curriculum, which is aligned to the National Curriculum, supports and motivates our learners in developing their knowledge, understanding and skills when reading and writing a range of age-appropriate genres.

All learners at East Morton CE Primary take part in all aspects of our curriculum; our English curriculum aims to make a difference in each learner’s life by providing opportunities that they may not have outside of school. Where required, lessons and resources are adapted to ensure that all learners are included and can access the whole English curriculum.

For full details of how English is taught at East Morton CE Primary, please read our Curriculum Learning Guides:

Further information about reading and phonics at East Morton CE Primary can be found on our Reading page.

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