At East Morton CE Primary we are committed to ensuring that every learner is able to meet their full potential in a world which is becoming increasingly transformed by technology. Through engaging and creative Computing lessons, learners are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to allow them to use technology effectively and confidently. At East Morton CE Primary, we are starting to develop deep cross-curricular links between Computing and Mathematics, Science and Design Technology and we strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst ensuring that learners become digitally literate and digitally resilient. Technology is ever-evolving and we aim to develop learners who can use technology to express themselves, develop their ideas, share information and thereby use communication technology at a suitable level for the future workplace and become active participants in a digital world.

For full details of how computing is taught at East Morton CE Primary, please read our Curriculum Learning Guide:

The illustration below shows the learning journey our learners will take in computing at East Morton.

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