‘Community’ is one of our core school values and its importance is recognised by governors, staff, children and parents alike: all are welcome and included within our loving community of life-long learners.

Strong interpersonal relationships are a strength of our successful school. Learners treat one another with care, compassion, dignity and respect, with bullying rarely being seen. When disagreements do occur, the focus is not on reprimands, consequences, or sanctions, but on understanding what has caused the situation and supporting reconciliation and forgiveness. Learners are supported in their understanding of true forgiveness and reconciliation through the motto of ‘Everyone, Every Chance, Every Day’; they know that each day is a new day, which provides a fresh start.

Our school’s fundraising work for local, national and international charities is highly valued by staff, governors, parents and children alike; the concept of East Morton ‘sharing love around the world’ closely links our core value of ‘love’ to our acts of charity. Learners within school recognise many of our school values in their charity work; values such as ‘love’and ‘community’. A member of our governing body who recently spoke to our children’s Worship and School Councils about their charity work, noted that ‘learners are not focused on their own gain – they demonstrate pride in being able to make the world a better place through their charitable work’.

Of all the partnerships enjoyed within our community, our link to Bishop Ivan’s ‘Give a child a hope’ charity in Uganda is the one which has most inspired our learners and moved them to courageous advocacy. During Bishop Ivan’s annual visits to school, he talks to our children about the lives lived by the children within his care; the daily battles which they face to even access fresh water, food, clothing and education. Since his first visit in 2015, learners have requested that Bishop Ivan’s charity be a focus of our Lenten fundraising, the most successful of which was last year’s fundraising project, which was run in its entirety by our pupil Worship Council.

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Our role play area is now a farm shop, there is lots of opportunity for discussion about money and food🥕🍎🧀🧅🥔


Our provision this week is based around The Little Red Hen story🐔 we are very excited to make our own bread this week🥖🍞


Due to difficult driving conditions, school will be open at 10am this morning to allow for staff and parents to travel safely. Breakfast club is open if you are booked in.

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