Year 6 Home Learning

This page sets out the Home Learning to be completed in the event of school closure during a national lockdown.

It is expected that work should be completed if the child is well enough to access the work and, unless they are able to access it independently, has an adult available who is well enough to help them.

Also please be aware that the ‘year group email’ account for your child’s year group has been reopened for this period to help us support your child’s learning at home during this time. Should you require any contact or support from Mr Lacey, please email him directly at:

Parents/Carers: Please read the E-safety note at the bottom of this page.

Suggested Daily Timetable


The new English unit is now on teams. Each lesson is set as an assignment and includes any supporting documents as well as instructions for completion. If you have any trouble accessing, please contact me via the class email.

Daily Reading:

All children are expected to read on a daily basis. It is important that they are given opportunities to answer questions and discuss the text/story with an adult. Should you require additional books, you could visit the Oxford Owl free E-book Library available at


You should be learning the following lists, which correspond with what has been set for you on Spelling Shed.


Maths (White Rose):

Please access the daily lessons on the White Rose Maths website: 

Position and direction (week 3):

Decimals (week 4):

These sessions are in line with our teaching sequence in school and will help you to continue your learning journey at home. The question sheets which accompany each daily lesson will be added here:

Week Commencing: 

18.01.21 – Geometry: Position and directions unit.

25.01.21 – Decimals unit.

Year 6 White Rose Sheets: Spring week 3 (Autumn week 13 on WR site)

Year 6 White Rose Sheets: Spring week 4 (Spring week 1 on WR site)

If possible, please support your child in using the answer sheet provided to mark at the end of any work completed, as this will allow for timely feedback and corrections to be made. You could also access the BBC Bitesize maths lessons found here: should you require further supporting lessons Please contact me using the year group email if you have any queries, need help, or to share your work.


For those of you looking for a bit more challenge, here some links to the NRICH (Cambridge University) problem solving site. – Position and directions – Decimals

Learn by hearts:

Here are the learn by hearts for year 6. These are basic skills that each child should regularly practice. Year 6 children should be practicing the first two of the list on the left and we will be moving onto the third this half term once we have covered them in maths lessons.


Here are the arithmetic tests that we practice in school – if you need any reminders about how to answer specific questions, please let me know via email.

Learning Challenge:

We have created two booklets containing work related to the current Learning Challenge topic. The first (The Impact of Salts Mill 3) is the final week of our first topic and should be completed first. The second (Where does water come from 1) relates to our new unit and should be started in week 2 of the Spring term (11.01.21). This booklet also has a list of resources designed to assist your child in its completion. You should start from the beginning of the booklet and any work should be saved and brought to school to be added to your Learning Challenge Book when you come back to school.

Please click the link below to view the Learning Challenge booklet:


This half terms topic is light and you have 2 science projects to complete. Your projects can be presented in a variety of ways – the more creative the better. Please use the materials provided to help you, alongside your own research.

PROJECT: Create a mini non-fiction book for year 4 explaining what you know / find out about light and colour.

Things to consider to help you with your project: How do we see? What is reflection? What is refraction? How do we see colours? What shape are shadows? Make your book as interesting as possible to hook your reader and include practical ideas for experiments that would help them learn or understand.

Supporting information:

Daily Skills Practice:

Children should continue to learn and practise their key skills. This may include practising their phonics, times tables and spellings. Links are provided below to support this.

Here are this weeks TTR and Spelling Shed super heroes! Well done all of you, fantastic work!


We suggest that you watch the clips on BBC bitesize to support your learning about the key faith you study in your year group. You could have a conversation with an adult or draw or write about what you have discovered.

Year 6 – Buddhism


During any time spent on PHSE (Personal, Health, Social and Emotional) learning, please follow the lessons found in the Keeping Safe unit on Oak National Academy here:

School Values:
Oak National Academy host assemblies and collective worship sessions in partnership with the Church of England and other organisations, which cover the values we learn about in school. Please see the following page for further information and links. Faith-at-Home


Watch the  videos, discuss what you have learned and try some of the activities for yourself.

KS2 – Dance from Other Cultures

Additional Learning Opportunities:

In addition to the above, children can visit the following sites, which we also use in school, to help consolidate or continue their learning:

E-safety Note for Parents & Carers

During periods of school closure and home learning, children’s time spent online increases, as such it is important that we remain vigilant about online safety and ensure that out children are protected when using technology. Please could we remind you to ensure your internet settings are up to date, children are using ‘child friendly’ online search engines (such as or Kiddle for example) and you could revisit the SMART rules which we teach in school to ensure that your child knows how to keep themselves safe. Our E-safety page has more information. If you need any further support in online safety, please contact us.

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