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Summer 1

This is the Home Learning page for the half term ending 22nd May. Go to the main class page in the menu above to access the Summer 2 Home Learning information.

Within this home learning guide, you will find a wealth of resources to support your child in their learning at home throughout this half term. We will also be ‘tweeting’ additional useful resources every day, so please do try and follow us on twitter to ensure that you can access these valuable resources.

Please do not feel in any way pressured to complete all of the work, we are trying to provide as much as people will need, but we also know that the health and well-being of your family is your priority at this time. Here is a suggested timetable for guidance:


Within your English I would like you to complete writing based on based on the picture of the week:

Week 1 – a letter to the little boy:

Week 2 – a fact file on snow monkeys:

Week 3 – a setting description for the monkey castle:

Week 4 – retell Night Monkey Day Monkey

Listen to Mrs Brooke reading Night Monkey Day Monkey or follow the link in the above document to hear it read by someone else.

Week 5 – a postcard with questions to the Gorilla

If you have any extra time you could write a poem about the spring Handwriting needs to be practised regularly throughout the week. We use a cursive style script:


Children are expected to read every day, both independently and with an adult.

Oxford Reading Tree have books to access at different ages or levels on their website but you will need to register for free first:

You can choose the book band skills colour that your child is working on at the moment, or select the appropriate age for your child.

All children, regardless of reading level, benefit from discussing the text, answering questions based on what they have read.

Please refer to the reading skills bookmark enclosed for some ideas about questions you might ask.

The Book Trust also have books to share online:


Children are expected to complete some phonic work every day. This could be in the form of a game, such as ‘pairs’ or completing an online game from a site such as Phonicsplay (, where some resources are free.

Complete a phonics task from the Year 1 Home Learning Grid (see top of page). Here are some resources:

The Department for Education are providing daily on-line Phonics lessons. These can be found on the Letters and Sounds Youtube channel. Please read the letter below for further details.


The White Rose Maths website has got home learning lessons set up for each day with a video to watch to begin the session and work to complete that can be printed off or done on the screen.

Complete a Maths task from the Home Learning Grid (see top of page).

Daily use of Hit the Button ( to practise quick fire questions and answers (Year 1 need to practise doubles/halves, number bonds for all the numbers up to and including 10 and number bonds for 20, and the 2, 5 and 10 times tables)

Children looking for further challenge might undertake one of the puzzles or problems available on the Nrich website (a solutions page is available and children could be encouraged to record their own solution and explanation to submit to the website)

At this age it is important for children to play Maths games as it helps to cement concepts learnt in Maths. These games can be games you may have at home such as dominoes, snakes and ladders, ‘track’ games where you move around a track, pairs, or things you could make at home.

Learn by Heart: Measurements

This half term we would like the children to learn about aspects of measurement to do with:  

  • I can tell the time using o’clock and half-past.
  • I can tell the Months of the year in order.

Sign onto Education City, then click on subjects, maths, Year 1 and Learn Screens. Then click on measurement:

  1. Click on Half Time Scores and work through the programme. Then go back a screen and click on activities, measurement and Clocking In and complete task.
  2. Click on Twelve Months and work through the programme. Then go back a screen and click on activities, measurement and Sten of the Month and complete task.

On Purple Mash please go to Mathematics, Topics, Time and Activities and launch the vast range of apps to learn about time and test your knowledge.

Physical Activity

We recommend you do four sessions per day for 15 minutes each, to reach at least 60 minutes of exercise per day.

9.00 am: PE with Joe Wicks
10.15 am:   just click on get started, then families play now, and a wealth of icons appear. The children enjoy these: Courage (mindfulness), How to Floss, Young Dylan, Chicken Dance, Roar, Banana Banana Meatballs (this is the children’s favourite song!). The children have used many songs at school so please feel free to explore!
12.30 pm: go to family activity pack
3.00 pm:>stayinworkout go-to With the Kids Disney dance-alongs

These links might give some interesting ideas:

Mr Birrane has compiled a list of some games and activities that might help you stay active:

Or, why not take part in our ’10 a day, the East Morton way’ challenge. For inspiration, follow our Twitter feed @EastMortonCEP to see what ’10 a day’ activities some of the staff and children have been doing.

Learning Challenge

It is expected that children will complete 1 of the pages in the Learning Challenge booklet each week.

Before completing the activity, the children need to discuss the topic with an adult, being given chance to express their views and opinions or to talk through their thoughts.

This half term our topic is ‘Can we keep a monkey as a pet?’, the booklet was in the pack given out from school before we finished.


Have a look at David Hockney’s ‘Spring’ art done on an Ipad. Can you have a go at making your own Spring artwork? You could use paint or crayons or have a go at Ipad art like Hockney:


It is expected that children will complete 1 Science activity per week. We are looking at animals in Science. I have included Science activities in a Science folder attached.

Week 1: Sorting different types of animals

Week 2: What do I eat? (Sorting herbivores, omnivores & carnivores)

Week 3: What do I eat? (Sorting game)

Week 4: Animal bodies (describing)

Week 5: Animal bodies (bizarre beasts)

Story Time

Your class teachers and the staff as a whole have been producing videos of them reading stories for you to enjoy. These have already been shared via email or Twitter, but here they are in case you missed them or would like to watch them again.

Sharing a Shell (read by Mrs Brooke & Mr Birrane)

My Friend Bear (read by Mrs Brooke)
It’s the Bear (read by Mrs Brooke)
Don’t Eat the Teacher (read by Mrs Brooke)
Night Monkey Day Monkey (read by Mrs Brooke)

Aliens Love Underpants (read by Mr Birrane)
Dinosaurs Love Underpants (read by Mr Birrane)

The Smartest Giant in Town (read by staff)
Room on the Broom (read by staff)
The Gingerbread Man (read by staff) 
The Three Little Pigs (read by staff)  
Stick Man (read by staff) 
The Gruffalo (read by staff)
The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his business (read by staff)

Other Videos

A special ‘Hello’ from the children and staff ‘with love’
A special ‘Hello’ from staff and Senior Choir

10 a day, the East Morton way

Collective Worship:
Reverend Tony – w/c 11/5
Reverend Tony – w/c 45
Reverend Gareth – w/c 27/4
Reverend Tony – w/c 20/4
School Easter Service

Our Twitter

As the last BDAT school closes their doors for the summer holidays, we want to issue every student and every staff member a wonderful summer and say a huge thank you for being AMAZING in what has been a very unique (and hopefully never to be repeated) year. Happy holidays! 🌞😎☀️


We have a part time Administrative Assistant vacancy here at @WeAreBDAT. Click the link below to find out more. Come and work with us!

This week we say farewell to 3 of our long-serving Heads. Thank you Kate Sutcliffe from @CullingworthVPS, Jane Tiller @ImmanuelBD10 and Karen Webster @Woodlandsce We are so pleased you are still staying linked to @WeAreBDAT. See you in September x 😀

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