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Summer 1

This is the Home Learning page for the half term ending 22nd May. Go to the main class page in the menu above to access the Summer 2 Home Learning information.

Within this home learning guide, you will find a wealth of resources to support your child in their learning at home throughout this half term. We will also be ‘tweeting’ additional useful resources every day, so please do try and follow us on twitter to ensure that you can access these valuable resources.

Please do not feel in any way pressured to complete all of the work, we are trying to provide as much as people will need, but we also know that the health and well-being of your family is your priority at this time.

Here is a suggested timetable for guidance:


Phonics play ( has some great activities to support your child’s learning. Reception begin on Phase 2 and should have finished phase 4 by the time they are ready for Year 1. I would suggest playing phase 3 and phase 4 games to practise their blending.

Username: march20 Password: home

The English hub have created online phonics lessons which are available each day at 10am on youtube. These can be found on the Letters and Sounds Youtube channel. Make sure you watch the Reception phonics lessons as these will focus around Phase 3 phonics, recapping what they have already learnt. If you feel your child needs some extra practise blending there is a lesson at 11am to support this. Please read the letter below for further details.


Children are expected to read every day, both independently and with an adult. In Reception we focus on their blending of words and their understanding of the text. Use the question prompt sheet in the home learning pack to support your children’s comprehension of the text. Your child should be reading the same book 3 times to develop reading fluency, by encouraging them to recognise words without sounding out and use the pictures as a reading prompt.

Our core text for this half term is Supertato, please read of watch the story with your child to familiarise them with the book.


By the end of Reception your child should be able to independently write words using their phonics and accurately write tricky words (words that cannot be sounded out). They should be able to independently write a sentence and read it back to themselves. I have planned a writing task for your child to complete each week to ensure they will meet end of year expectations.

Week 1: Read or watch the Story of Supertato and design your own superveggie. Write a few sentences about what your superveggie looks like, does it have any superpowers?

Week 2: Make a trap for Evil pea and make a sign or label for your trap e.g this is a trap to catch evil pea (written phonetically)

Week 3: Write a list of people who help us e.g. police, dentist, doctors, vets, firefighters

Week 4: Pretend something has happened at your house e.g. Evil pea has messed up your bedroom (parents you may need to get creative haha!) and write a police report. Can you write what happened? Where? Suspects? Equipment needed?

Week 5: Choose your favourite superhero (real or imaginary) and draw a picture and write about he/she. What does he/she look like? What is he/she’s super power? Why is he/she your favourite?


  • Using their phonics to write the words
  • Spelling tricky words correctly
  • Writing on the line and forming letters correctly
  • Using finger spaces
  • Beginning to use capital letters and full stops in the correct places

Please support your child to sound out words, we don’t expect the children to spell words correctly as long as they are phonetically plausible and independent e.g. ‘potato’ may be spelt ‘potaitoa’ or ‘fruit’ may be ‘froot’ After your child has completed their writing task I request that you send a picture to the Reception email for me to provide feedback to support you and your child in their next piece of writing.


By the end of Reception children are expected to count and order numerals 1 to 20. Say one more and one less than a given number. Add and subtract 2 single-digit numbers. Solve problems involving halving and doubling. To extend your child to exceeding they should begin counting and solving problems in 2s, 5s and 10s. They should also be estimating how many objects are in a set within 20. I have planned some activities that will cover the last few units of our mathematics learning.

Week 1: Weighing using food (not using scales) Does the piece of food feel heavy or light? How do you know? Which food item would weigh the most?

Week 2: Superhero subtraction within 10. Your child can use objects to help them solve taking away problems e.g. 5 – 3 = (attached questions in email use page 1 and 2) Extend your children with extra questions beyond 10 e.g. 12 – 4= or 15 – 5=

Week 3: Measuring your height. Can you make your own mugshot measuring wall like a real policeman and measure yours and your family members height? Can you record how tall they are?

Week 4: Addition reasoning problems – children to record the number sentences and work out the answer

Week 5: Subtraction reasoning problems- children to record the number sentences and work out the answer


Our topic for this half term is ‘Do all superheroes wear capes?’. The topic will focus around imaginary superheroes and real-life superheroes such as people who help us. I have planned some activities linked to our topic to engage your child and get them being creative.

Week 1: Sorting the food in your kitchen into healthy and unhealthy

Week 2: Design and make your own superhero cape

Week 3: Design and make your own real-life superhero vehicle e.g. a police car or fire engine etc

Week 4: Role play your own doctor’s surgery/hospital, can you act out scenarios using things around your house? Can you look after members of your family or teddies?

Week 5: Use a form of technology to create a picture/project of space, be as creative as you want. E.g. film yourself talking about space, create a picture using paint or drawing software (purple mash) on a tablet or computer. Use the internet to research and label the different planets in the solar system.

Additional e-learning opportunities

Physical Activity

We recommend you do four sessions per day for 15 minutes each, to reach at least 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Mr Birrane has suggested some activities:

These links might give some interesting ideas:

Or, why not take part in our ’10 a day, the East Morton way’ challenge. For inspiration, follow our Twitter feed @EastMortonCEP to see what ’10 a day’ activities some of the staff and children have been doing.

Story Time

Your class teacher and the staff as a whole have been producing videos of themselves reading stories for you to enjoy. These have already been shared via email or Twitter, but here they are in case you missed them or would like to watch them again.

Monkey Puzzle (read by Miss Goodison)
Barty’s Ketchup Catastrophe (read by Miss Goodison)
Bumblebear (read by Miss Goodison)

The Smartest Giant in Town (read by staff)
Room on the Broom (read by staff)
The Gingerbread Man (read by staff) 
The Three Little Pigs (read by staff)  
Stick Man (read by staff) 
The Gruffalo (read by staff)
The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his business (read by staff)

Other Videos

A special ‘Hello’ from the children and staff ‘with love’
A special ‘Hello’ from staff and Senior Choir

10 a day, the East Morton way

Collective Worship:
Reverend Tony – w/c 11/5
Reverend Tony – w/c 45
Reverend Gareth – w/c 27/4
Reverend Tony – w/c 20/4
School Easter Service

Our Twitter

As the last BDAT school closes their doors for the summer holidays, we want to issue every student and every staff member a wonderful summer and say a huge thank you for being AMAZING in what has been a very unique (and hopefully never to be repeated) year. Happy holidays! 🌞😎☀️


We have a part time Administrative Assistant vacancy here at @WeAreBDAT. Click the link below to find out more. Come and work with us!

This week we say farewell to 3 of our long-serving Heads. Thank you Kate Sutcliffe from @CullingworthVPS, Jane Tiller @ImmanuelBD10 and Karen Webster @Woodlandsce We are so pleased you are still staying linked to @WeAreBDAT. See you in September x 😀

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