Home Learning Plan 2

This page provides home learning activities for children who are in isolation for long periods, either because someone in the home has had a positive test result or the whole family are in isolation with no symptoms.

It is expected that work should be completed if the child is well enough to access the work and, unless they are able to access it independently, has an adult available who is well enough to help them.

In the event that your child is at home, in the circumstances outlined above, then you are invited to use the ‘Year Group’ email address (YearX@eastmorton.bradford.sch.uk) should you or your child have any questions, need help, or wish to share any work completed with their class teacher. Please be aware that teachers will respond as soon as they can, but responses may not be immediate.

Parents/Carers: Please read the E-safety note at the bottom of this page.

Suggested Daily Timetable

The Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy is an online classroom and resource hub created by teachers and supported by the government in response to the COVID-19 school closures, to facilitate Home Learning. They provide a high-quality plan of video lessons and learning resources.

This will be the primary area to be used for your child’s home learning and there are daily lessons for English & Maths and weekly activities for Science and PSHE available via the following class links:

Reception class
Under Literacy, select ‘The Giant Turnip
Under Maths, select ‘Measures
Under Understanding the World, select ‘People Who Help Us‘ (Doctors, nurses, police officer and Firefighters’

RHE (PSHE) , select ‘Squeaky Clean

Year 1
Under English (Literacy), select ‘Information: All About Tigers
Under Maths, select ‘Time
Under Science, select ‘The Animal Kingdom
Under RHE (PSHE) , select ‘Stop, Think, Stay Safe!

Year 2
Under English (Literacy), select ‘Recount: New Report’
Under Maths, select ‘Fractions
Under Science, select ‘Habitats
Under RHE (PSHE) , select ‘Stop, Think, Stay Safe!

Year 3
Under English (Literacy), select ‘Into The Forest by Anthony Browne’ Writing‘ and ‘Mulan by Michaela Morgan
Under Maths, select ‘Fractions
Under Science, select ‘Magnetism
Under RHE (PSHE) , select ‘All around me

Year 4
Under English (Drama), select ‘Exploring a Greek myth and Norse legend through Drama
Under Maths, select ‘Addition and Subtraction
Under Science, select ‘Adaptations
Under RHE (PSHE) , select ‘Yes! It’s our world, our wonderful world!

Year 5
Under English (Drama), select ‘Exploring a Greek myth and Norse legend through Drama
Under Maths, select ‘Fractions and Decimals
Under Science, select ‘Reproductive Cycles
Under RHE (PSHE) , select ‘Eat Well, Live Well

Year 6
Under English (Literacy), select ‘Important Scientists – Biographical Writing
Under Maths, select ‘Missing Angles and Lengths‘ and then ‘Fractions
Under Science, select ‘History of Science
Under RHE (PSHE) , select ‘Eat Well Live Well

Please work on paper if you are unable to print sheets.

Daily Reading:

All children are expected to read on a daily basis. It is important that they are given opportunities to answer questions and discuss the text/story with an adult. Should you require additional books, you could visit the Oxford Owl free E-book Library available at https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Learning Challenge:

We have created a booklet containing work related to the current Learning Challenge topic your child is working on in school. You and your child could select from the tasks included, to either recap learning already completed, or to continue learning following on from the last tasks undertaken in school. It is hoped that we can add this work your child’s school book on their return to school.

Please click the links below to view the Learning Challenge booklets:

Daily Skills Practice:

Children should continue to learn and practise their key skills. This may include practising their phonics, times tables and spellings. Links are provided below to support this.

Reception, Year 1 & Year 2:

Year 2 to Year 6:


Select from the resources between within your key stage below.

Places of Worship – KS1

The Good Samaritan – KS1

Stewardship – KS1

Various – KS2

True Tube A series of films suitable for pupils aged 7-11 on a variety of topics such as a History of Islam in 10 minutes, the Easter story in 3 parts, a day in the life of a vicar, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, visits to places of worship in the Holy Cribs series and much much more.

The Good Samaritan – KS2

Bar Mitzvah – KS2 

Vaisakhi – KS2

School Values:
Oak National Academy host assemblies and collective worship sessions in partnership with the Church of England and other organisations, which cover the values we learn about in school. Please see the following document for further information and links.


Warming – Up

A good warm up increases flexibility and blood flow to a given area, which limits the chance of a muscle pull and joint pain. Warming up also prepares your muscles to stretch during other exercises. If the muscles are warmed up and able to stretch further, this will increase your range of movement and lower the risk for injury.

Song-A-Thon – Mr B video – getting your heart rate to increase and warm your body up 

Stretching – Mr B video 

For other warm-up activities please go to: https://www.yorkshiresport.org/get-active/thisispe/

Main Activity

Oak Academy – Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – Multi-skills activities. https://teachers.thenational.academy/units/multi-skills-activity-c81b

Oak Academy – Year 3.


Oak Academy – Year 4.


Oak Academy – Year 5.


Oak Academy – Year 6.


Cool Down

A cool down is an essential part of your workout. A cool down can last for 3–10 minutes and includes stretches or gentle variations of the movements you did during your workout. The purpose of cooling down after exercise is to allow your heart rate and breathing to return to normal and create a relaxing body.

Other physical activity resources:

Ten-A-Day The East Morton Way –Mr B Challenge

Yorkshire Sports Foundation

Get Set Tokyo – Get Set Programme.

Go Noodle – a vast range of videos that get children moving with enjoyment

Premier League Primary Stars.

The FA – Football Association – Fun Football.

Additional Learning Opportunities:

In addition to the above, children can visit the following sites, which we also use in school, to help consolidate or continue their learning:

In the event that the whole class bubble is closed, please also refer to the individual class pages.

E-safety Note for Parents & Carers

During periods of school closure and home learning, children’s time spent online increases, as such it is important that we remain vigilant about online safety and ensure that out children are protected when using technology. Please could we remind you to ensure your internet settings are up to date, children are using ‘child friendly’ online search engines (such as Kidrex.org or Kiddle for example) and you could revisit the SMART rules which we teach in school to ensure that your child knows how to keep themselves safe. Our E-safety page has more information. If you need any further support in online safety, please contact us.

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