Take a look at these websites which will be useful to use as revsion or just to help you further understand the things you have learnt in class.






All about plants and animals- a useful revision website.


Interactive food chain activity- what can you remember about food chains?


What happens if the number of predators increases? A great simulation to show interdependence within a habitat. 


You are a Bengal tiger- can you survive in the wild?



How do we see? A fantastic website which explains clearly how lots of different parts of our bodies work 


How can you change the size of the shadows?


Use your knowledge of light to guide the character to safety


How shadows are made


How do different materials affect shadows?


How does light create shadows?


The human eye (the one with the tribe whose eyes have adapted so they can see clearly underwater)


The human eye


The evolution of the eye


Animal adaptation- take a look at how different eyes can be!