Monster Maths


These are  the links to some of the activities we are using in our Monster Maths lessons. Have a go at home too, it will help you deal with the Monster problems at the end of the unit.



Recognising Fractions



A good area to visit regularly to practise some key maths skills. Keep practising... because you know what practice makes!





Place Value

Rounding to powers of 10 ( Try the other levels too if you are up for a challenge!) -


Addition - How fast can you complete the grid?


Multiplication - A bit like the bingo we play in class... but you have to pop the bubbles to get the questions. How well can you do? Will you be a bingo expect by the time you are finished?! - How fast can you complete the grid?



Doubling and Halving





Presenting Data

Create a Bar Chart


Create a pie chart