Literacy: Grammar and Spelling


Looking for that perfect rhyme for your poem? Access an online rhyming dictionary here. Remember to pay attention to the number of syllables in each line of your poem for better flow.


Sentence Types 

Vist this page for a reminder of simple, compound and complex sentences.



Speech Marks marks - Need some practise with your speech marks? Have a go on here, print your page and bring it in for me to check. You will be a wizz in no time! - A key stage 2 revision and recap resource for English spelling.



Grammar - Can you find the different words and feed the gorillas? - A Variety of fun English Games and Activities to help improve English Skills in easy to read format and navigation from Woodlands Junior School - KS2 English activities, games, tests and notes on non fiction texts, including adverts, dictionaries and poetry. Learn how to look at language, layout and meaning.



Need help with your spelling? Take a look at these links to pages filled with information and activities which will help you.

 - Spelling Challenge Mini - Times Spelling Bee - Lots of activities based on spelling




Apostrophes - A contraction is where letters are missed and an apostrophe is used instead. How good are you at using them?
 - Improving your punctuation and writing using apostrophes. Can you complete the quiz?




Plurals - Forming the plural with es




Letter Strings We know that recognising common letter strings can help us to spell. Can you complete the activities and brush up on your letter strings?




Homophones - Can you match the homophones to win the game?!!