Welcome to the Year 5 class area

  • Your teacher in Year 5 is Miss Drake who is supported in class by Mrs Knowles and Mrs Egan.
  • Spelling assessments take place on Fridays.
  • English (grammar)and Maths homework will be given weekly to be handed in on Fridays.
  • A termly Science Project will be given at the start of each half term.  
  • PE will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays so you will need to make sure you have your PE kit in school on that day.
  • Our library day is Tuesday and children are welcome to change their library books on this
  • Recorder lessons will be on a Thursday.
  • Children are expected to read (any type of reading, variety is encouraged!) at least 3 x per week
  • Regular maths passport practice at home is also expected.

Summer term 1


We will be looking at the text ‘Way Home’ and writing persuasive letters to the main character, a homeless child named Shane. Our spelling and grammar focus will continue to be based around the correct use of apostrophes, different ways in which to add and punctuate parenthesis, as well as continuing to use relative clauses in the middle and on the end of sentences.


Within Maths this half term, most of our work will be based around deepening the children’s understanding of the four written operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We will continue our weekly basic skills lesson (usually on Fridays), where basic methods are revisited and reinforced for those who require it (alternative independent problem solving activities are undertaken by children not requiring basic skills work).

As ever it is vital that children are continuing to practise their passport facts and assessments will take place as regularly as possible.

Our Science unit ‘Properties and changes of materials’ will focus around states of matter and the ways in which state change can take place. We will look at the effects of heat and cold on gases, liquids and solids. We will also investigate thermal conductivity, solubility and reversible and irreversible changes.


Learning Challenge

This half term we start our new Learning Challenge topic of ‘Where are the highest mountains in the world?’ This week the children have already enjoyed deciding what they need to take to survive a mountain expedition and will move on to look at how mountains are formed and what is needed to create an effective snack bar. On 4th May we are delighted to be able to welcome Google Expeditions into school who will be taking the children on a virtual ‘Mountain adventure!’



The children are starting to look at Sacred Writings within RE. They will learn to identify the sacred text for each religion and think about why they are so important.