Welcome to the Year 3 class area

  • Your class teacher is Mrs Malley who is supported in class by Mrs Sands and Miss Davies.
  • PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure you have your PE kit in school on these days.
  • The children will have two opportunities a week to change their books: reading books on a Monday and Library books on Friday.

  • Spellings will be given out and tested on Thursdays with a combination of statutory spelling rules and non-negotiable words; all children will be given the same test with a challenge for those who feel it is necessary.

  • Ocarina lessons will be on a Thursday.
  • Remember to bring your homework diary to school everyday.
  • As your children have moved into KS2 they will be given a Science project each half term, this is to be completed at home and will usually be handed in within the last week of term for evaluation.

  • The children will continue to be tested on their maths passports and moved up accordingly as they reach their target. The children will not be tested every week on their passports but we aim to test each child every two weeks.

Summer term 1


This half term we will be basing our English learning on the text: ‘The Tine forest’ by Helen Ward & Wayne Anderson. We will continue to build upon our fiction and non-fiction writing with focus on making sure the children’s writing is grammatically correct and interesting to the reader. We will be looking at letter writing, job adverts, diary entries and how to write a prequel to a story. 



Within Maths this term we will continue to work through a 5 phase approach, allowing for the children to master difficult concepts through; problem solving, reasoning and justification. We continue to work through a cycle and this term we will be focusing on developing a secure understanding of worded problems through Multiplication, Division/ Addition and Subtraction   We will also begin to look at statistical information and how to collect data.

Learning challenge

Learning challenge: This term the children will begin to look at the question: ‘Who were the Romans?’ We will start our topic with an exciting Roman themed day, which will be followed by a special visitor who will take us back into the Roman times. We will then continue our learning by developing specific historical terminology by explaining the impact of the Romans towards the influence of the Roman Empire. This will enable the children to explain the impact of the Romans on the history of the world alongside adding their own opinions. We will touch on Art and Design through making and designing shields, mosaics and Roman feasts.


The question we will explore is: ‘How did that blossom become an apple?’. Throughout this unit the children will study the parts of flowering plants and their functions, the conditions affecting plant growth and plants as living things. They will participate in an investigation on how water is transported in plants. The children will also describe plant life cycles, in particular how seeds are formed, dispersed & germinate.



This half term we will be focusing on right and wrong. The children will engage in discussion and will become secure in knowing and understanding that values held by religions may influence different people’s choices. We will also be reflecting on our own personal values and how they may influence our decisions and opinions. The importance of listening and respecting will also be covered.


Spellings continue to be given out and tested on Thursdays. The children change their two reading books on a Monday with their library book change on a Friday. Science projects will be due in on the first Tuesday back after the holidays due to this half term being a shorter one. P.E. days are Wednesday and Friday, please ensure your child has their kit in school. We continue to assess the children on their maths passports.