The children will revise and use for reading and spelling all phonemes covered in Reception (up to end Phase 4):

  • all single alphabet pure sounds
  • ll, ss, ff, zz
  • sh, ch, th, wh
  • ck
  • ng
  • qu
  • ee, ea, ey, y
  • ie, igh, i, y, i_e
  • oa, ow
  • ai
  • oo
  • oi
  • ar
  • or
  • er, ur
  • ear
  • air


Here are some games for you to try:


If you confuse b, d & p try this!




The children will work on the next stage of Phonic knowledge (Phase 5). This phase looks at alternative spellings for phonemes already known:

  • o_e, oe
  • ai, ay
  • a, a_e
  • oo, ew, o
  • ue, u_e
  • u, oo
  • o, oul
  • ow, ou
  • oi, oy
  • ar, a
  • or, ore
  • au, aw
  • er, ir, ur




The final phonemes/graphemes for Phase 5:

  • ear, air
  • are, ere
  • ear, eer
  • ure, er, or


It is expected that all Year 1 children will be assessed on their ability to recognise and apply all of the phonemes/graphemes covered through the government's Phonics Screening Assessment during June 2014. This will involve reading sets of unfamiliar conventional and pseudo words. These are skills that we practise in the classroom every day.