Swimming Lessons at School

In Year 5 you will have weekly swimming lessons at Bingley Swimming Pool for a term and a half, beginning after the February half term holiday and running up until the summer. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is a non-swimmer to learn, and if you can already swimit is a wonderful opportunity to practice, improve your stroke, and learn very important water safety and life-saving techniques.

Bingley Swimming Club Schools' Gala

Each year our school is invited to take part in a schools' swimming Gala organised by Bingley Swimming Club, which usually takes place around the end of January. Children from Key Stage 2 (years 3 to 6) are invited to try out for the team at a special swimming trial at Bingley Pool a couple of weeks before the Gala takes place. Mr Birrane then chooses a team of children to take part in the actual Gala. As there are so many schools from across the area wishing to take part, there are usually two semi finals for the Primary schools, both held at Shipley Pool. The top 6 teams from each semi final then go on to the Grand Final a week or so later when a separate secondary schools competition is also held.


If you would like further information about Bingley Swimming Club, visit their website - www.bingleyasc.org.