Our Staff




Mrs K Savage


Deputy Headteacher:



Mrs E Petts

Assistant Headteacher:



Mrs C Dewhirst


Personalised Learning



Mrs E Petts


Leaders of Teaching and Learning:



Mrs R Briggs

Mr M Lacey

Mr D Birrane


Class teachers:   

Reception: Mrs R Briggs & Mrs A Selby

Year 1: Mrs C Brooke & Mrs E Petts

Year 2: Miss K Stockdale

Year 3: Mr J Shepherd

Year 4: Miss G Drake

Year 5: Mrs C Dewhirst

Year 6: Mr M Lacey


PE Co-ordinator:   

Mr D Birrane


Learning Mentor: 


  Mr J Holland
School Business Manager:   

Mrs S Spencer


Office Manager: 



Miss J Kelley


Clerical Assistant:   

Mrs A Manning


Classroom Support:   

Mrs A Forsyth - Reception

Miss L Stewart - Reception

Mrs J Healey - Reception

Mrs R Sands - Reception

Miss S Marshall - Year 1

Mr C Constantinou - Year 2

Mrs W Thompson - Year 3

Mr J Holland - Year 4

Miss S Mullen - Year 5

Mrs S Knowles - Year 6 & PE


Morton Marvels (afternoon):   

Mr J Holland

Mrs A Manning

Mr R Jeanes

Mrs J Rawling

Miss E Douglas


Morton Marvels (morning): 






Mrs W Thompson

Miss S Marshall

Mr R Jeanes

Mrs J Rawling


Lunchtime Supervisors:   

Mrs W Thompson

Mrs J Healey

Mrs R Sands

Mr C Constantinou


Kitchen Staff:   

Miss J Field

Mrs J Craig

Mrs A Loben

Mrs A Goodings



Mr B Bottomley






Miss L Rigg

Mrs M Wadby

Miss J Younger

Crossing Patrol:   

Mrs J Throupe